Malaya Movement in Canada

Month: March 2021

Duterte Lockdown Anniversary

Joint Statement by Malaya Movement US, Canada and Melbourne (Australia).

We in the Malaya Movement join the Filipino people in calling for Duterte’s immediate resignation. It is just and appropriate for the Filipino people to demand the immediate resignation of a failed and incompetent president. Every single day that Duterte stays in office means more suffering to the Filipino people under the same incoherent and incompetent leadership.

Malaya Toronto Event – March 27, 2021

Topic: The Role of Women in the Midst of Crisis and Resistance

When: March 27, 2021, 7PM EST
March 28, 7am, Phil Time

Guests: Malaya Marcelino, MLA of Notredame, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Representative Arlene Brosas
GABRIELA Women’s Partylist