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Filipino-Canadians say "Stop the Killings!"

Update August 31, 2020: Sign the OPEN LETTER to the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, to stop the killings and human rights violations in the Philippines.

It is such a heavy toll for us to learn of what has become the latest killing fields in the Philippines, specifically in Negros island.
Malaya Movement Canada mourns the loss of families, who are majority rural poor, affected by the intensified violence. We enjoin all freedom-loving kababayans to call the Duterte administration to end these vicious attacks against our own people.
When we say “Stop the Killings!” we share the belief that one death is too many. How much more death weighs when one of the latest victims is a one year-old baby!
Incidences of these killings increased with Memorandum Order 32, the imposition of a security plan in some parts of the country. Over 40 of the reported 87 killings in Negros took place under MO32. And as the death toll rises, the Philippine National Police’s solution is more armed personnel. PNP Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde justified this de facto military rule by sending 300 more SAF troops to Negros island, to add to the 5 military battalions already there.
We are being conditioned by the state to believe imposing martial law is the option to respond to the “ills of our society”. Aside from Negros, it is being enforced in Samar island, Bicol region and the island of Mindanao, on account of the so-called terrorist siege of Marawi city. These moves are not a solution to the already worrisome situation of our country. To fight back is even more needed as Duterte consistently delegitimizes and undermines the statements, reports, and the role of the United Nations rapporteurs.
We support the plea to end state terror and violence in Negros and in the whole Philippines.
For that, may we continue to engage the international community, including the Canadian government in support of Philippine civil society organization and rights defenders at risk. We call for immediate review of Canada’s multilateral assistance to Manila’s anti-terror programs.
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